Student Projects

Student Projects from Spring 2016

Sheldon Jackson by Karen Biondich


The Reindeer Project Siberia to Alaska by Fern Spaulding


Traditional Reindeer Herding by Evelyn Byrd


Student Projects from Spring 2015

Sheldon Jackson by Haley Heniff


The Lomen Brothers and the Reindeer Industry by Emelia Van Wyhe


Sinrock Mary and Reindeer in Alaska by Jessica Ladd

Erling Porsild by Tom Cheney


Student Projects from Spring 2014

Archipelago Farms by George Aguiar


Seward Peninsula Reindeer Handlings by Darrell Blodgett


Musk Ox in Alaska by Molly McDermott

Link to Prezi Presentation


Alaska Saami & Reindeer by Kerstin Phoenix

Powerpoint File


Does Culture Play a Significant Role in the Success of Reindeer Herding in Alaska? by Gale Vick

PDF Document


Yak Presentation by Jake Monagle