Week 7

Presentation of Research Project
November 26 – December 4


This week you will complete your research project and  present your  findings to your peers.


  1. Complete  research project
  2. Present research  project
  3. Reflect on your process of inquiry, your findings, and your conclusions

Estimated Time to Complete

Instruction 3 hrs
Presentation 3 hrs
Collaboration 2 hrs


  • Complete  Arctic Exodus, The Last Great Trail Drive, by Dick North.

Course Project

The course project is a major component of this course. You have been researching  either a historical figure or interview a community member with domesticated ungulate experience. This week you will finalize  your  presentation to share with your peers.  The final form of your presentation is up to you. You can create a film or PowerPoint presentation and share via YouTube, a Prezi, or a more formal research paper. Please see examples of previous projects on the Student Projects page. Your final work will be featured on this page for future offerings of the course! For help on getting your project posted contact Darrell Blodgett (dsblodgett@alaska.edu).

Reflection & Discussion

By Midnight, Tuesday, write a brief (no more than 750 words) response to the following prompt and post it to the forums:

1. Discuss your process of inquiry. What inspired you to pick your topic? What unexpected challenges did you face? What unexpected information did you discover? Where or how would you continue to research this topic knowing what you now know?

Use information from the readings and lecture to support your answers. Read and respond to at least two posts of your peers.