Week 2

History of Rangeland – October 22 – October 28
Tenderfoot Sheep Allotment - Wallowa NF - 1938

Tenderfoot Sheep Allotment – Wallowa NF – 1938


This week you will begin your study of the history of human-ungulate interactions.


  1. Describe range use by humans
  2. Review the history of domesticated ungulates in Alaska
  3. Discuss historical figures and events related to Alaskan ungulates
  4. Synthesize information from lecture and readings.
  5. Formulate responses to historical questions
  6. Discuss and evaluate the arguments of your peers

Estimated Time to Complete

Instruction 3 hrs
Assignments 3 hrs
Collaboration 2 hrs

Week  2:  History of Rangeland and Domestic Ungulates (Continued)



North, Dick.  Arctic Exodus: The last great trail drive. pp 63-139.  New York: Lyons Press, 2005.


By Midnight, Tuesday, write a brief (no more than 350 words) response to one of the following questions and post it to the Week 2 Forums:

1. Which animals make the most sense for Alaska and why?

2. Should we promote all domestic species in Alaska?

3. What are possible scenarios of the long term effects of uncontrolled grazing on the public lands in Alaska and the Western U.S. with the passage of the Alaska Grazing Act of 1927 and the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934?

Use information from the readings and lectures to support your answers. Read and respond to at least two posts of your peers.

Cognitive tutorial

When you’ve completed the lectures and reading materials, give the following Cognitive Tutorial a try.


When you’re ready, take the Week 2  Blackboard quiz.
Due by October 28th at the end of the day.